Week 7 Management

It is very important for companies to motivate employees. I, for example, am an example of an employee whom needs motivation. What basically determines the employee’s durability at the job is not always the type of job, but the job itself. The environment, the people, the employer are all important factors of how an employee performs at a job. Rewarding, providing feedback, congratulating are all ways that management can utilize to motivate an employee. Management has to  be well aware of this managerial characteristic. Many managers require more and gives less. However, both Requirement and Giving back has to balance out.


Week 6 Marketing

This week’s marketing edition, I’ve learned how this is a system that manipulates peoples mind. Where the standard is Desire over necessity. This System also known as “Consumption” manipulates the mind of individuals to consume their goods, to purchase their goods. Also explains why over 50% of Americans are in debt. Our society today cant draw the line between Desire and necessity. Between Can i buy a car? Can i afford a car? and I need to buy a car! But of course, we’re a capitalist country, we need consumption. Well, consumption has many drawbacks!

Week 6 Management

This weeks management course i learned about setting goals and how goals are important in life and in business. Looking at today’s economy and our current administration i ask myself  “Where is our country heading?” “Do we have a goal to achieve?” All the questions and discussions are about today’s issues. It is very important to have short term goals, but it is also important to have long term goals. It appears that goals established by our fathers and previous presidents are catching up to use today. I dont think that the problems that we are facing today have only to do with our current administration. However, our current administration is heading the same direction. This country has no goals.

Management Week 5

This week ive learned about how important it is for company to contain a strategic team, consisted of  people that not only thinks out side the box but also smart people. Pinnacle, a company that i have been studying about lately, made many bad business decisions. Decisions that led them to be in a financial hole on itself and among investors. Pinnacle intended to acquire a another company called Hoilman, in order to enhance its products. Not a bad idea, but in a business point of view, drastic! This shows how today, our country lacks leadership.

Marketing Week 5

Well, this week in the marketing world, i’ve noticed how much positioning strategy is important, not only in your personal life, but also initiating a business. As i have discussed before, we live in a new and different generation that requires innovation. Requires people with BRAIN. The e-commerce has facilitated our lives and the way we do business. Today, you dont need to worry about opening a store, or finding a location to open you business. Your business is at your finger tips! The e-commerce has saved you thousands and thousands of dollars for your business. All it takes now is that you have brain to not only innovate, but innovate current products that are on the market.

Marketing Week 4

Our environment is basically what shapes us. The only aspect that in my opinion that our culture and environment does not shape, but only influences is religion. But other than that what we eat, drink, the way we dress is very influenced by our environment. Moving from Brazil and coming to the United States, not only influenced me on life perspective. But today i inherited both cultures. Everyone is influenced by their families and cultures, social life. Marketing subliminal perception only works for those who are interested on the product. For example, Baseball ads will not function in South America because, it is not  a baseball oriented culture. But it will work in the United States.

Management Week 4

I am taking four classes this semester, and it has been difficult to catch up with everything, but i have thank God! During this week 4, i have reading and focusing about team management, and intelligence management. This topic interests me a lot because its something that i do on the daily basis at work. It is very important for businesses, companies, government, and even households to have intelligence management. On this generation, on my opinion the major reason why the government and people are in major debt is lack of intelligence management. Not only people are lacking, but this country is also lacking intelligent instructors, who are capable of teaching. It is not only the US economy that is falling, but our educational structure is also declining. More and more, unintelligent teachers are being hired, the ethical structure is changing to a way that students have more rights than teachers and Professors in the classroom, consequently, lowering morality. The current white house administration cant come up with a Jobs plan, something not simple, but it should not be difficult.  Intelligent management begins at home. The way you manage your life and your finances is the way that you will teach others.