Management Week 4

I am taking four classes this semester, and it has been difficult to catch up with everything, but i have thank God! During this week 4, i have reading and focusing about team management, and intelligence management. This topic interests me a lot because its something that i do on the daily basis at work. It is very important for businesses, companies, government, and even households to have intelligence management. On this generation, on my opinion the major reason why the government and people are in major debt is lack of intelligence management. Not only people are lacking, but this country is also lacking intelligent instructors, who are capable of teaching. It is not only the US economy that is falling, but our educational structure is also declining. More and more, unintelligent teachers are being hired, the ethical structure is changing to a way that students have more rights than teachers and Professors in the classroom, consequently, lowering morality. The current white house administration cant come up with a Jobs plan, something not simple, but it should not be difficult.  Intelligent management begins at home. The way you manage your life and your finances is the way that you will teach others.


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