Marketing Week 13

If there is one benefit for the economy to be plunging, it is a very beneficial time for Producers, Marketers, companies and industries. Wal mart already being a low pricing company, can utilize the fact that consumers are looking for more low pricing goods, and attract consumers with “Psychological targeting.” Today, not that prices have gone down, but consumers are so desperate, that the word “low” will pretty much call their attention. Marketers are very smart people, people whom spends the rest of their lives researching behavior, psychologists disguised as diplomats. Beware of the of the products you buy!


Management Week 14

Control is the characteristic that every manager must have. The knowledge that the manager has to have on their role, is extra ordinary. Control is important issue that faces every manager is every organization, but new managers sometimes have a hard time finding degree of control that will keep people productive without squelching their motivation and creativity. Dealing with different types of people, and being able to provide positive and negative feedback and still help the subordinates to provide quality work is not an easy job to do.

Management Week 13

A team is a unit of two or more people who interact and coordinate their work to accomplish a specific goal. Teams have become the primary way in which many companies accomplish their work. Good teams can be highly productive, but teams aren’t always successful. In my opinion a successful team is a team that each team member knows their role, individually, and tries to accomplish their goals. The biggest problem in a team is when you have a team member who wants to do other roles that he or she was not pertained to do.  The bigger the team, the more responsible the leader of the team has to be. The leader must know whom he or she is dealing with, the team consists of subordinates with different backgrounds, personalities, characteristics.

Management Week 12

A professor at Harvard Once asked a class to define communication by drawing pictures. Most students drew a manager speaking or typing on a computer board. Some placed “speech balloons” next to their characters; others showed pages flying from a printer. “No,” the professor told the class, “none of you has captured the essence of communication.” He went on to explain that communication means “to share” not “to speak”  or “to write.”  Communication is the process by which information is exchanged and understood b two or more people usually to motivate or influence behavior. President Obama always focused at the beginning of his 2008 campaign, that he would be more transparent during his years of presidency. Communication skill is very important for a manager to have, is where it leads the subordinates to keep up the good work.

Marketing Week 12

Prices are what turns on consumers to buy products. In my opinion if a company has a great marketing team and can brainstorm ideas to call the consumer’s attention, the consumer will purchase the product. As I have mentioned before, we live in a generation that consumers are obligated to “buy.” People want to be able to have to buy. People nowadays are more inclined to the fact that they need to but instead of can I buy? Can I afford to buy? Do I have money to buy? Am I willing to wait in order to buy? And most people will answer No to all of these questions.

Marketing week 11

It’s interesting how public relations is very important in the marketing world. To target an specific group of people is not easy. To run a business requires a lot of effort and dedication which many people don’t have. Many business’ owners. I learned this week that to have a successful business you must have a successful marketing plan.

Management week 11

Looks like that all human beings wants to become is powerful! Education is forms leaders nowadays? or do we also need experience? Seems like that a diploma speaks louder than anything. We have Steve jobs for example, a guy whom was a drop out and revolutionized the world. I am not saying that education is meaningless, but it is also meaningful. In today’s age, a technological age, it is required people whom are also technological. But leaders should also consider someone’s background and history. We have alot of these people out there.