Management Week 10

Businesses are over loading their employees with work, work outside of their job categories and job capability. Some people might ask if job slavery is over? Well, this is a type of “legal” slavery. Stress level is going sky high. Satisfaction rates are going down, and bosses salary is going up. Favoritism is coming to play again on the work force. With the jobless rate going up, to find a job today you have to know people. Education is not a big factor anymore, if you are flexible and a good guy is basically what the resume needs. Leadership is a big lack in this country. When will real leader rise up?


Marketing Week 9

This week in the marketing news, i learned about marketing channels. How important is for a company to know whom they’ll target. The importance for marketing channels is that the Producer must know whom they’ll target, either the consumer or the business, and sometimes even both. Five guys for example, began by distributing hamburgers and other goods to locations near them, focusing more on businesses than consumers. Not too long after they began to expand their businesses directly to the consumer. In my opnion, it is important for a company to know who their product will target during the brainstorming phase. The wrong concept about businesses is that they always aim high. Not that you cant aim high, but you must be simple and know how to utilize what you ahve and what you can afford, instead of what you dont have.

Management week 9

This week i learned how tough a manager’s role is at the workplace. As much as a manager tries to avoid personal issues and situations at the workplace, it is almost impossible for employees not to address these situations. Managers have to be ready for employees to bring these situations. There are many factors that influences the performance of an employees, especially personal influences. Now, for the manager is a much harder emotional management. Because, not only he needs to perform his job well, but he also needs to make thorough decisions, without letting his personal stress affect the decisions.

Marketing Week 8

Product life cycle is the main problems for many companies nowadays. Apple for example, their product life cycle is very short due to the competition, that is why they are constantly creating new products at least once a year. The problem of a rapid life cycle is that competitors will gain from your idea. Your idea will be the initiative for the competitors. Companies who started their growth back in the 80s and 90s never knew that today many of them would be in a maturity stand point. New companies are perfectionizing existing products, downgrading these products to the bottom. Were in a age of innovation, the more innovation, the rapid the life cycle, the more innovation.

Week 7 Management

It is very important for companies to motivate employees. I, for example, am an example of an employee whom needs motivation. What basically determines the employee’s durability at the job is not always the type of job, but the job itself. The environment, the people, the employer are all important factors of how an employee performs at a job. Rewarding, providing feedback, congratulating are all ways that management can utilize to motivate an employee. Management has to  be well aware of this managerial characteristic. Many managers require more and gives less. However, both Requirement and Giving back has to balance out.

Week 6 Marketing

This week’s marketing edition, I’ve learned how this is a system that manipulates peoples mind. Where the standard is Desire over necessity. This System also known as “Consumption” manipulates the mind of individuals to consume their goods, to purchase their goods. Also explains why over 50% of Americans are in debt. Our society today cant draw the line between Desire and necessity. Between Can i buy a car? Can i afford a car? and I need to buy a car! But of course, we’re a capitalist country, we need consumption. Well, consumption has many drawbacks!

Week 6 Management

This weeks management course i learned about setting goals and how goals are important in life and in business. Looking at today’s economy and our current administration i ask myself  “Where is our country heading?” “Do we have a goal to achieve?” All the questions and discussions are about today’s issues. It is very important to have short term goals, but it is also important to have long term goals. It appears that goals established by our fathers and previous presidents are catching up to use today. I dont think that the problems that we are facing today have only to do with our current administration. However, our current administration is heading the same direction. This country has no goals.